Ricardo Tavares

My Games

I currently have three projects that I’m working on in english. Thunder in the Morning and shinoBIshonen already have everything you need to play them for free!

This is a game I made as a birthday present for a friend. It’s a two-player RPG about love vs duty in feudal Japan. Click here, this is the first draft that is already available as a Google Drive Document.  So far, I have hand-drawn a character sheet that you can download from here.

Tea Time
From the start, this RPG was created to have both a portuguese and an english version that are not mere translations, but two perspectives on the same setting. The first playable version is now available in portuguese and the english one is coming soon. Click here, this is a link to a bilingual blog where you can learn more about Tea Time and follow its development.

Thunder in the Morning
Click here, this is a Google Drive folder with a small manual and the grid that you need to play. This is an espionage RPG made to be played online through Google Hangouts. It was mostly inspired by the ongoing Homeland TV series, but it’s an idea that has been bouncing in my head for years.

Send me feedback to jogadorsonhador at the gmail dot com 🙂


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